Just like the latest re-issues of the Halo novels, A Fistful of Arrows features a handful of extra content that explores the universe of the graphic novel, and answers any lingering questions you may have.

Adjunct A: Eliza Ingrid biography

Adjunct: Eliza Ingrid

Adjunct B: Insurrection Interception

Adjunct: Insurrection Interception

Adjunct C: Faces of the Ghost

Adjunct: Faces of the Ghost

Adjunct D: Quezon: The City of Light and Dark

Adjunct: Quezon City Guide

Adjunct E: Quezon: The [---corrupted file]— City of //—[life] and [death]—//

Adjunct: Quezon - The City of Life and Death

Adjunct F: Operation Castle Drop

Adjunct: Castle Drop

Adjunct G: Catherine

Adjunct: Catherine

Adjunct H: Anniversary

Adjunct: Anniversary

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