AFoA Cover

Front Cover

-Click here to see the full-size image.

-Also available without text.

-You can also watch a timelapse video showing the making of this image. (Thanks Bry!)

Back Cover / Cover Wrap

-Click the image below to view the wrap-around cover of A Fistful of Arrows, including a spine and back cover full of fluffy text to grab those folks at the bookstore!

AFoA Cover Wrap

Title Page

-A title page that includes a “Previously…” text as well as character intros. Nifty if you have no idea what this comic is about!

AFoA Title Page

Divider Pages

-Here are two images that could be used as divider pages or binding pages for the inside of a hardcover copy of the comic.

AFoA Divider

AFoA Divider

-There is also a 1920×1080 wallpaper variant of this.

AFoA Wallpaper